Composite steel/brass sawscrews

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    I found a set of four of these on an 1890-1910 panel saw. Otherwise unmarked/unbranded;but with these sawscrews, where the steel central studding was peened into the face-side [unslotted] nut, but turned into the reverse-side [slotted] one.

    Give the problems with full brass sawscrew shanks being eroded away by fretting against the plate - if there's any movement - this seems like a better solution. And although the saw itself is nothing special, the fit of the nuts on each side into the tote was significantly tighter and more precise than any I've seen elsewhere.

    Has anyone got information on them?

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    Hi - they have the appearance of a form of “Chicago screw” - with F<>F brass screws amd a bit of male m/s thread between. You can see where it has been pinned into one end-piece. I’ve taken similar screws out of medium-quality C20th handsaws. They work OK, but must lack the perfect engagement fit between a brass or steel cylinder & the holes in the sawplate.
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