Carr Woodhouse & Co.

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    Hello all,
    It's been a while since I've posted anything here. I was doing some organizing in my shop today and came across this saw I forgot about. Picked it up at an area tool meet last year because it looked early to me and I never heard the name before. When I got home I gave it a light cleaning and looked it up in BSSM. Long story short I was looking up Waterhouse & Co. for some reason. Not having any luck I put it in the rack with my other English saws and there it's been until this morning. Giving it a closer look I discovered my mistake. Taking out Simon's book once again I found Carr Woodhouse & Carr. The early dates of this maker prompted this post (1818-1823) and the fact that my saw is stamped only Carr Woodhouse & Co. The only other mark on the saw is cast (dot) steel. Also is this what you would consider a relaxed ampersand? The blade has a lot of life left to it, is laser straight, and is in great shape. Pretty uncommon for a saw this age I'd say. The handle is not bad either. Typical ware on the horns. Any ideas how this saw ties in with the BSSM listing? Any thoughts or comments greatly appreciated.
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