Buxton & Holden (Not in BSSM)

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    Hello all,

    The handle is not much to write home about on this saw, and neither have I been able to find this specific maker in the online Directories. But despite the damage and the lack of absolute certainty in its origin, it is an interesting offering.

    To start off with, this not only has cast.steel but it also has a very nicely reclining ampersand which should put the company who made it prior to about 1825. This is where the frustration begins because when looking in the online Directories for Liverpool, there are 3 from 1825 to 1829 but none prior to 1825 that are likely to be of help.

    The address on the saw is 7 Pool Lane. In Gore's Directory of 1825 there is an Edmund Buxton, Ironmonger of 2 Pool Lane. (p.63 Hist. Dir. page, p. 64 page in Gore's). In the 1827 Directory he is also listed at the same address as a Cutler. He is still there in the 1829 Directory.

    In the 1825 Directory there is an Holden independently listed as an ironmonger at 44 Lord Street (p.140H/D). In 1827 he is still listed at 44 Lord Street (p.160 H/D), and in 1829 he is at 47 Lord Street (H/D 143).

    But as for them no together there is no sign.

    As per the reclining ampersand I suspect that the date is pre 1825, but this is as far as I can go.


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    That's a beauty Fred, none of the stamps are in line with each other- possibly 6 separate stamps?! That's pretty cool & the wriggly ampersand certainly looks early, a nice find...:)