Bubinga Dovetail Saw.

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  1. planemaker

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    Hi all. Attached are some photo's of another Dovetail Saw I recently finished.


    The Bubinga handle is quite similar in shape to the previous dt I completed, but with some subtle differences to the shape of the cheek, a change to the look of the bottom rail and lambs tongue.

    Bubinga Handle.

    Makore Handle.

    The saw teeth has been sharpened to 14tpi, and to a rip tooth, with no set being applied to the 1st 2 inches of toe end teeth to facilitate a softer start to the saw kerf. The saw plate length is 10 inches.


    The following are some additional photo's taken that show much more detail to the handles shaping.




    Regards; Stewie.
  2. ray

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    Hi Stewie,

    Beautiful work, very clean, and nice lines, the bubinga looks great.

    Is that one of those backs I made for you?

    Your work just gets better and better...

  3. planemaker

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    Bubinga dt

    Hi Ray. Yes its the 3rd of the 3 lengths you supplied.
    Happy you like this one. At the moment I am working on a slightly larger handle with a 3 saw screws fitting. I will with the look of the sharp edged cheeks. It adds a unique look to my saws that few other saw makers have adopted. My previously made backsaws that I see now as being below par will be pulled apart and the saw plate,screws, & backs recycled. With the sharpening side of things I now use 2 different lengths of vallorbe file. For shaping work I use the 180mm(cut#2). The following 160mm(cut#3) file is slightly smaller and it gives a deeper gullet while staying within the V formed by the longer file. It also leaves a cleaner final look to the teeth after being sharpened. Catch ya later.

  4. scottg

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    The Bubinga handle is quite similar in shape to the previous dt I completed, but with some subtle differences

    Ahhh the subtle differences are what makes life worth living!!

    Great saw!!

    Great choice of materials too. Bubinga is the current champ.
    Long ago it was Honduran rosewood, then that got scarce.
    Then it was Bolivian rosewood for some time, then that ran short. ($$)

    Purpleheart is so variable its hard to judge in advance.
    Ipe hurts my lungs (first wood I was ever in my life allergic to)

    So, Bubinga is the current leader!! Best for the cheapest!!
    It takes about 6 months aging to begin to take on that wonderous richness. In 3 years it'll put your eyes out!!
    Give it a little morning sun everyday before it gets too hot.

    I really love Padouk right now too. For a lot of things.
    But its not quite perfect for a saw tote.
    yours Scott