Blythe rip saw

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  1. Force

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    Hi everyone
    Here's what I think is a great example of a big old rip with plenty of meat on the bone. 28 inch and a very thick plate, teeth are 2.5 point at the heel graduating to 4.5 at the toe. It's in as purchased condition and I'm unsure of the cleaning process it may have had from previous owner in relation to the plate.
    Simons book has three Blythes and I'm guessing this saw may date from the 1860's as the struck mark is so similar, if not a facsimile of one of the three stamps Simon has listed.
    If I'm even close to correct on the age of this saw it sure has been in a good time capsule, especially for the style of saw, maybe one big tool box.
    Look forward to your comments...
    Cheers...... Chris

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  2. David

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    Hi Chris,
    That certainly is one honking big rip saw. I can't offer a very informed comment on the dating, not knowing anything about Blythes, but, to me, the handle style sure looks consistent with your 1860 proposal. And I'll bet the reason it's in such unused condition has to do with the 2.5 point tooth pattern. It must take a good bit of muscle to get something like that started . 3.5 is hard enough for me to motivate.
    The cleaning looks like it was only started, and was left in that state without even rinsing the mess off since it shows fingerprints remaining. It might be easy enough to complete the task. It's a super saw and would be worth the effort.
  3. Force

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    Thanks David for your comments, tho I must confess I had the point count wrong, 3.5 at the heel and 5.5 at the toe. Will get around to cleaning it further one day but as it's has stayed completely rust free I'm in no hurry.
    Thanks again....