Atkin & Son, 24" rip saw

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    Hi all
    Whilst trawling through the stalls at a local market last week I noticed this saw under a traders table looking forlorn and wet through from the rain. On closer inspection it looked to be in good order under a light coating of rust, (most of it recent). For a price that made it a no brainer it was mine to take home.
    A slow dry and a good clean using a razor blade scraper and Solvo autosol polished with aluminium foil on the plate revealed a very little used saw with a fairly clear etching showing that it was made by Atkin & Son, Birmingham. The handle in particular is in very good condition with what looks like it's original finish. After a very easy sharpening it cuts very well.
    I'm guessing it dates from 1880-90 but would be happy to be corrected by the more knowledgable members of this forum. I wish all saws that I find were in this condition.

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    Hi Rob
    That's a great pick up, and I must admit I sure am a lover of those blank medallions. I used to love the Sunday markets and the car boots you get in the uk.
    I'm no expert but your date sounds in the ball park.
    Always nice to come home with a treasure or two.....
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    A very nice example of a saw from the period of great English saw making , maybe a bit earlier than 1880, if anything (blind medallions didn't go on long past that date, I think: of 39 of 1890 in my database, only one has a blind medallion, and almost all the others a decorative medallion) – lovely piece of timber in the handle, and a flourishing big etched mark.