Adamson Not in BSSM

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    Hello all,

    Here is one that I cannot find in BSSM. My first thought is that it is a late 19th century cheapie and a brand, although that remains a thought only and it will have to remain as "Unidentified" for the time being.

    I have looked in the Sheffield directories for Adamson and the only near identification that I can find is :-

    Adamson - John Henry, an ironmonger and draper of 132 Doncaster Road, Mexbrough. This is on Page 836 (HD page no.802) of Whites Sheffield and Rotherham of 1905. (Mexbrough is only a hop, skip and a jump from Sheffield).

    I haven't looked elsewhere as there are 470 directories containing at least one reference to Adamson.


    PS. It looks like the end of the saw has been stood in a bucket with water in the bottom for a long time.

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