A saw just like 1000 others (Dawson)

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    Hello all,

    As the title suggests, this saw is probably indistinguishable (generally) from thousands of others of the late 19th/early 20th century. It is a 5 point crosscut with a blade that is straight enough for me, although perhaps not necessarily for some of you.

    BSSM has a mark that is much like mine and which is dated at around 1900.

    It is a lesser quality saw by Groves. Possibly hinted at by the less than symmetrical "Sheffield" under the trade name.

    I have looked for suitable "Dawsons" for the inspiration for this name and the nearest that I can come up with is in the Sheffield Directory of 1879 where there is a Dawson listed (not "B") who was a manager and possibly lived (or worked) at 6 Abbeydale. But this is a real stab in the dark.


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