A. Marshall "Colliery Saw"

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    Hello all,

    A rather meagre offering ( and a completely different kettle of fish to the other Marshall on here or I would have piggybacked onto it) but one with some interest.

    It is a fair bit later than saws that I really like to collect. It has had little use (there is a fair bit of local corrosion) but the markings are very crisp and, of course it has "for colliery use" on it.

    This probably makes it one of Simon's "nth" rate saws.

    There are traces of the dreaded orange/yellow varnish left on it and with the slit nuts, the lack of a lamb's tongue and the generally inexpensive handle, I would put it around WW1 + or - a decade (probably minus if I was pushed).

    There really is little else to say.


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