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    I recently picked up two more Robt Sorby saws that I was hoping to get some dates on, or any other info that might be out there. One is a 10 inch brass backsaw the other a compass saw. I really love the handles on these, they fit me perfectly. Unfortunately I can’t seem to get a hold of either BSSM or HSMOB in Vancouver so I can’t do the dating myself. I know Robt Sorby produced saws for quite a long period, so I'm curious where in there these saws fit.

    Photos attached for anyone who are interested. Thanks!

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  2. ray

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    Great looking saws in beautiful condition. I had a look in BSSM and it seems the mark on the backsaw fits the Sorby mark from the period 1870 to 1920. So I'd hazard a guess at 1900 +-20 years.

    Someone else might pick up clues from the handle style to narrow it down a bit further.
  3. Kerry

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    Thanks very much. They really are a pleasure to hold.
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    Hey Kerry
    Gonna agree with Ray on the dates of the saws here. The really early R. Sorby saws didn't have the corporate "Kangaroo" mark and it is one way to pick out the early saws. As to dating the saws from the handle.... I always harken back to Simon's saying that trying to date a back saw by its handle is "a mugs game". Those blades are so clean especially the back saw. Nice.
    Joe S.
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