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    Hello all,

    This to me has all the hallmarks of a Seaton tool chest era saw, rounded nose, two rivets, London pattern (-ish) handle but of course it is merely a doll's house 1/12th scale model. Or at least that is what it was sold as on ebay. 1/12th scale is about right, doll's house - I do not know.

    Having said that it is a scale model, it did not come cheap. I could probably have bought a substantial part of Seaton's chest for what I paid for this. (Or again, perhaps not).

    I am hoping, however that it was made contemporaneously with its larger brothers, and someone has taken an inordinate amount of effort to carve and rivet the handle (made of bone) and cut the teeth.

    If any of you out there are closet doll's house collectors, you may have some comment to make on it. But I will not hold my breath waiting.

    Please note that it even has authentic rust on the blade in order to give it more credibility as an old saw.

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  2. lui

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    Does it have a stamp or etch?:D

  3. fred0325

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    Hi Lui,

    If only it did. Sad person that I am it was the first thing that I looked for. A name would have been marvellous.

  4. ray

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    Hi Fred,

    I remember making some doll house furniture at 1/12 scale, I think it's some kind of standard size for doll's house furniture, 1" == 1 foot would seem to be the obvious scaling.

    With that in mind and seeing it's around 2" I would think it's originally part of a tool box from a very elaborately detailed doll's house.

    Some of the really early ones were miniature masterpieces, with incredible detail, and quite collectible as I recall.

    You've won the prize for the smallest vintage saw yet seen..!