Slack Sellers

steveatkinson, May 3, 2017
    • steveatkinson
      Slack Sellers Back Saw , The Golden Guniea, I would of thought was the top of the pile (quality) back saw that they produced, although, I also own a couple of the Speed 52a,
      I would of thought, weight often denotes quality.
      I would say the Speed 52a was a heavier saw, does that in turn mean it is of better quality, I am not sure. I do not have any of the Slack Sellers tool catalogs to confirm any of my thoughts, if anyone can cast light on this, I would be very interested.
      I have heard that the range is again sub divided , by that I mean, the back saw range, also has:-
      Speed 52,
      Super Speed 52.
    • Rating:
      Beautiful saw, perfect condition.
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