Naylor Vickers & Co

steveatkinson, May 16, 2017
    • steveatkinson
      I am keen to find out exactly how Vickers fitted into this partnership, I gather Vickers bought the Saw manufacturer R Groves & Sons, yes this fact is very interesting, but I would like to know more about Vickers, did they ever produce saws, were the tools produced mainly for there on workshops. Vickers seem to be ever present in the industry that they are now part of, creating Steel from iron, then going on to make many other tools from the said steel, were Vickers trying to monopolize the steel industry or was it more basic, the need to be certain (par the pun), that indeed they had the correct tool for the right job.
      At one point in time not only did most house holds, but in fact most businesses relied upon Vickers directly for 99% of there business,
      a very precarious situation for any individual to be in, never mind an entire town ! , I am referring to the town I was born in, Barrow in Furness , that day eventually came, things are now picking up again, slowly very slowly, lets hope the little town learned from its previous experience .
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