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  1. David
    David sawnuts
    Hi Mark,
    Yes, I like the early fact, I think I'll be bidding on your Wm Tyzack which just popped up. Like I said, I'm fond of his saws. By the way, do you still need the medallion on your Flint saw repaired? I saw it on Wiktor's site, but it's from a long time ago.
  2. sawnuts
    sawnuts David
    I do remember our meeting in Michigan City. I did not know you at the time and later learned that you special in rare early saws.

    I still have my shirt and have used it for painting lately. Its looking pretty ratty. I recall Stemple had a bunch of them. I should see him Saturday at the Tillers meet.

  3. David
    David ray
    Hello Ray,
    I posted a Mitchell Wreaks saw a while ago that was stamped German Steel. Since MW's dates are approximately 1810-1817 that would be the earliest use of German Steel. Could it be time to nudge the German Steel dot on the Timeline a little to the left? Regards,
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  4. K.R.Hogg
    K.R.Hogg always known as Ken Hogg
  5. steveatkinson
    I must start going to car boot sales, stop buying from fleabay
    1. steveatkinson
      Well I got off my rear and went, last week was the second week that I had managed to get along, put it this way. I have not bought a tool off of fleabay since, first week, I managed to get 4 modern saws, 2nd weekend, more saws but I managed to resist, there was nothing that bit me, so I left them for another buyer.
      May 11, 2017
  6. Bobby
    Bobby Ron Bontz
    Ron I am a new member can you help me with finding a ratchet bar for my model 32 retoother? Bobby P.S. I hope this is a proper way to contact you .
  7. Deesinister
    Deesinister Barleys
    Hi Simon,
    I have sent you an email regarding getting a hardcopy of your book but neglected to mention it was from me in case that helps. Cheers Alisdair
  8. Pastahill
    Pastahill ray
    Hello Ray, I can not open pictures in the gallery, always got an error. A few day┬┤s ago everything was ok. Does other user have the same problem?
    1. ray
      I've moved things around to make space, try it now.
      Jan 10, 2015
  9. David
    David summerfi
    I'm not sure you've noticed but there are about 15 or so new medallions on your sticky at Some are from me and I'm selfishly eager to see them on your compendium.
  10. TraditionalToolworks
    TraditionalToolworks Isaac S
    Sure Issac, I would love to see them. You may have seen the bronze split-nuts I've made, and I've made a few brass as well. I would like to see what you've done. I have not used a lock washer in the past.
  11. Isaac S
    Isaac S TraditionalToolworks

    Could I be so presumptuous as to send you drawings of the saw nuts I have made? They are similar to the TFWW nuts in that they use a lock washer instead of a square shank to keep the bolt from turning, but the nut has an extended shank to provide much more thread engagement. The head of the bolt and the nut both require the handle to be counterbored to the same depth to end up flush.

    Anyways, if you are interested in taking a look at them, I can email the drawings if you send me your email address. If you like the design you are welcome to use it. I would not ask for anything if you decide to use the design. The only interest I have is in developing another source in case my machinist stops making them.

  12. sweaders
    sweaders admin
    hello ray, regards selling on this must view site.correct me if i,m wrong but i seem to remember reading about the sale of brass/steel/ for the making of saws i,m still struggleing? to understand all of site sorry i don,t attain standard of most of contributers pat
  13. sweaders
    sweaders fred0325
    hello fred 0325 was reading an earlier item of yours concerning abrh ashton saws i noticed you mention jackson in connection with him and america i have a 10insaw 2pin with medallion stamped jackson usa maybe there.s a link pat
  14. sweaders
    Hello All
    This is my first post - new at this game. I have a tenon saw in my possession, badly beaten up. It is made by J.Green & Sons - l4 inch brass-backed. I note only one J. Green in the checklist of saw-makers. Does this make it quite old - rare?.
  15. val
    Just to let everyone know that the saw arrived safely and we have photos of Dad with it. It arrived just in time as sadly Dad passed away February 25th and Mum on June 8 (after 67 years together) - we are keeping the saw in the family in memory not only of Henry Melton but also of Dad, he worked in wood all his life and was never more happier than when he was pottering around in his garden shed making and repairing furniture. Thank you eveyone!
  16. sduncan000
    Wannabe Woodworker currently stuck in the IT world.
    Wentzville, MO USA
  17. lui
    lui admin
    Hi Ray,

    I've taken pictures of a couple of saws for shareing , but I'm having problems uploading them to the gallery.

    I've watched your toutorial, and all is fine until I upload the file, Then i gat a message saying the the previous file can not be placed, it does this for every file in the batch upload.

    I tried using the single file upload, and get the same result.

    File size 900Kb size 2272 x 1704.

    Let me know what I'm doing wrong, I might upload them to photobucket and link them in that way instead.