Stubs bow saw for iron

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    Hello all,

    I would never have bought this saw had it not been for Simon's previous thread and the Stubs blade. This came up on a buy-it-now a couple of days later. Simon can be regarded as partially culpable for my now reduced financial standing!!

    It has "England" on the back and this should put it somewhere between 1891 and 1921 and so it may well belong to the Stubs in BSSM. This seems to me to be a rather cursory entry for a manufacturer of such age and standing, but this may be because he didn't have many entries in the directories as a "Sawmaker".

    It is a small saw and therefore possibly a jeweller's or metal smith's saw. It may even be a good fit for the blade from Simon's bow saw for iron.

    Think of that, a possible Stubs saw complete with Stubs blade.;)


    If this is a size 3, I would like to see how small a size 1 or 2 is (presuming that the lower the number, the smaller the saw).

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    I have no idea what you paid for it Fred, but that is a little gem, Something about it is very appealing, I would have called it a Lancashire pattern hacksaw. But that's probably wrong.

    Nice find!!

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    Hi Ray

    A Lancashire pattern saw is, I believe, what it is and what the seller thinks it is as well.

    An old Saw,stamped PS STUBS.England good condition for age soft wood turned handle ,but no blade.

    This saw may be a Lancashire hack saw,from PS Stubs.who made this type of saw.

    or it could be a medical saw.same shape,look alike,in the USA.

    Here is the link to the completed transaction.