Curious saw (on Ebay)

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  1. fred0325

    fred0325 Most Valued Member

    Hello all,

    I would not normally put a saw on this site that is actively for sale on Ebay, but this one has about 26 days to run and intrigues me. I still do not put it on with any invitation to comment on the saw as such, as any comment may be "price sensitive" during the sale process. After the sale is another thing entirely.

    All that I would ask is:- "Does anyone know what it is"? as it seems the seller does not.

    You never know, it may be new to some of you who are not so obsessive as I am about searching for saws.

  2. lui

    lui Most Valued Member

    Since it is now sold, I'm happy to make a comment.

    I think the handle looks original, but I'm not sure it was original to that saw. It is an odd looking saw.

    What looks wrong to me, is the angle of the back to the angle of the chamfers. It looks very odd with them not parallel.

    But I'm not a back saw collector so what do I know.


  3. ray

    ray Administrator Staff Member

    Hi Lui, Fred,

    Now it's been sold, I can comment, it looks a bit like a frankensaw, cobbled out of bits and pieces. The screws are new looking, and recessed too deep.

    Something strange about the heel of the saw plate, maybe it was damaged and the "refurbisher" just cut away the damaged part and refitted the handle (incorrectly) as it happens..

    That said I quite like the handle shape. Not for that money however.

  4. fred0325

    fred0325 Most Valued Member

    Hi Lui and Ray,

    You both beat me to it and I agree with you re the saw. I love the handle and it could be very early, but it should probably not be attached to that back and blade.

    Another thing that I find curious is that a saw of that (on the face of it) age and quality has no maker's mark.

    I will try to post some images of it for future readers for when e-bay removes theirs.


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