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  1. kiwi

    kiwi Most Valued Member

    Just picked up a nice old 8 inch dovetail saw by Carr Woodhouse & Carr, thin blade and fine 19ppi teeth.
    There's a chip out of the top horn, the blade has a slight wave in it (that might be corrected by adjusting the position of the back), and its not particularly sharp, but still in relatively good condition for a 200 year old saw.
    I'll give it a bit of a clean up, and think about whether I want to do more ( so little time, and so many saws !)

    P1050051.JPG P1050050.JPG
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  2. David

    David Most Valued Member

    A lovely saw, in surprisingly good shape. It should be a pleasure to use. Once or twice.
  3. Joe S

    Joe S Most Valued Member

    Yup, a bit of a back adjustment, some minor rust scraping to get the new rust off, a touch up on the teeth and a healthy dusting of wax. Such a beautiful thing and will be a joy to use if only "once or twice".
    Joe S.
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  4. kiwi

    kiwi Most Valued Member

    Gave it a superficial cleaning to make it look prettier, touched up the teeth with a needle file, the back didn't move so I've left it for the time being without resorting to penetrating oil soaking and a bigger hammer :).
    Tried a cut; fast cutting, but I need to add set to the teeth before it will be a joy to use (but working on 19ppi teeth is difficult for these old eyes !)

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  5. ray

    ray Administrator Staff Member

    Amazing condition for it's age, very rarely do you see that much blade left after 200 years.

    I'm curious as to the blade thickness, I'd hazard a guess at 15 thou.

  6. kiwi

    kiwi Most Valued Member

    Yes Ray, the blade is about 15 thou thick. (I have a couple of other old (1800s) dovetail saws with this thin plate, but most of them are 5-10 thou thicker)