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    I recently purchased this S&J publication " Concerning Hand Saws" dated 1913.
    It dovetails in alongside the 1915 catalogue reproduced in the "Handsaw catalogue Collection".
    "Double Mermaid "is here
    "Made by New Process"is here
    "Mermaid" back saws are Extra Cast Steel
    "Leapfrog" back saws are Warranted Cast Steel
    I am attempting to get enough data together to create a 20th Century Time Line for S&J.
    19th Century has been pretty well covered by Ray in his handle evolution post.
    Thanks to Ray for an excellent website.

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    Thanks tonyba. Manufacturer's paper is much scarcer than their saws and includes lots of hard-to -find data on the evolution of saw production, and more (incl. advertising slogans, like buy S&J saws to "increase the prosperity of the empire")
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    Thanks for posting that, such info is invaluable in unravelling the history.