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Welcome to the British Saws and Sawmakers updates A

ADDIS, J.B. & Sons SHEFFIELD Arctic Works, Court 2, Rockingham Street, and 46, (44) Newcastle Street <1879- Claimed to be established in 1717 in London, moved to Sheffield in the late 19th century; eminent carving tool manufacturers (with saws no doubt factored for them). The firm’s history is complicated and not completely documented, with links to Herring, and Ward & Payne.

Gent’s saw c1960

AIRD, William Albert Richard & Co BRIGHTON

B c1900 


 B c1900

Alexander & Co Probably a brand, but the firm has not been identified. This name occurs very commonly in Scotland, and although the first large firm that comes to mind is Mathieson, there is no documentary evidence.

B c1930


 B c1950  65mm

ALLOTT, R. SHEFFIELD A fairly common surname in Sheffield, but the person whose name is on this common quality saw has not been identified. It is possible that it is a brand name, picked from a member of the work force, or a partner’s family.

 B c1900     65mm

AMESS, John BIRMINGHAM Listed in BPM3 as a toolmaker and dealer at various addresses in the 1880s. The dating of this open-handled backsaw to c1900 could well be wrong.

B c1900 120mm Anderson, A. Not identified.

B c1920

ANDERSON, John SALFORD A handsaw of c1900 has been reported for sale: it appeared to be a second quality item, with a London pattern handle.


B c1825


B c1930

ARCHER, Frederick Richard LONDON 7-9 Hosier Lane EC <1911> Tool dealer. In the first edition it was stated that F.R.A, was unidentified, but the appearance of the later back saw makes it very likely that the mark should be attributed to this man. See also William H. Archer.

B c1900 
B c1920       19mm

ARCHER, William H. LONDON 11 Goodge Street, Fitzroy Square <1841> Saw and tool maker and dealer. Period of working given as until 1863 in BPM3. In 1911 Frederick Robert Archer was listed as a tool dealer at 7-9 Hosier Street [sic][Lane] EC, London, but no saws attributable to that name and date have been seen, and neither mark illustrated is unlikely to be as late. For revision see Frederick R. Archer.

ARDRON, William & Son(s) BLACKPOOL 1 Cedar Street <1900-1920> The firm of this name operated a number of hardware stores in the town until late in the 20th century (thanks to Blackpool historian Nick Moore for the information that elucidated the illegible name).

B c1910   65mm

ARMITAGE, William Henry SHEFFIELD The marks below suggest a saw made for the American market; the exact form of the medallion has not previously been reported.

B c1860 23mm 25mm

B c1890   69mm


Rule saw c1880 140mm

H c1960 (detail) 110mm

B c1920  68mm
B 1940  (“A.M.” is Air Ministry) 

ASKHAM & MOSFORTH SHEFFIELD As so often, there is much information about this company in Tweedale’s Directory of Sheffield Cutlery Manufacturers. The company was recorded in 1852, with Askham based in New York (the mark below is from a saw found in the USA). By 1855 Askham was the sole owner, advertising the manufacture of a wide range of tools, including saws “adapted…especially for the United States of America”. The firm also owned the names J Ashton and J Sharpe.

B c1880  65mm

ASKHAM & BUXTON Not identified. The mark was recorded on an open-handled backsaw of uncertain date; the best guess for its date is perhaps around 1880, but the identity of the partners has not been clarified from amongst the many candidates, who might be found in the families of the Askham Brothers and John Buxton.

B c1880


B c1830 43mm
 H c1880
B c1900   20mm
B c1900

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