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Dating and Identification
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TOPIC: Sorby + Spear/Jackson Medallions
Sorby + Spear/Jackson Medallions 6 Years, 6 Months ago  
There is nothing special about these two saws but I thought that I would put them on because the medallions interest me. Please go to my gallery to see them.

The Sorby one is a box standard medallion but it still has the remnants of the surrounding paper label, which I suspect will be one of the first features to be lost. I also put on what I can get of the blade etching if it is of interest to anyone.

The Spear/Jackson medallion refers to over 160 years of experience. If you go back to the start of the precursor companies to Spear/Jackson, then J Love started in 1760 which would make the saw 1920's. If you go back to the start of Spear/Jackson proper in 1830 that would make the saw a 1960's saw. It could, of course be anywhere in between. It does not look at all like a '60's saw to me. Any ideas?

Also re the S/J saw, if anyone knows of an image on the internet that I can access that shows the blade etching properly (either a photograph or a drawing), then I would appreciate it.

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Re:Sorby + Spear/Jackson Medallions 6 Years, 6 Months ago  
Hi Fred,

Thanks for those pictures, I am still pondering various ways of organizing content for the site, probably by maker seems most logical, the more data points the better.

Spear and Jackson claim to have started in 1760, the 200th anniversary was marked by a book called the "Story of the Saw" 1760-1960. I don't think they claim to have started saw making in 1760, but 1760+160 would make your saw 1920. And I agree it doesn't look like a 1960's Spear and Jackson, by then they had those spacey looking aerodynamic handles..

So, the question is when did Spear and Jackson start their saw making, (regardless of the 200 year claim)

Quoting from Simon's Thesis..

Love was a Steel and Toolmaker, Alexander Spear a wealthy merchant from Wakefield their partnership was formed in 1769 to make steel. The dating of their progress into saw making is not well documented, but appears to have happened towards the end of the 18th Century, Love dies in 1783 and Alexander Spear probably in early 1805; Later that year the partnership of John Spear (Alexanders nephew) with William Caldwell, William Barker and Samuel Johnson, who had been "for several years past partners with late Alexander Spear making saws and Steel", was renewed for three months after which a proper dissolution of the old partnership would be drawn up. ......

By 1814 Spear had taken Samuel Jackson first as an apprentice and sometime before 1825 as a partner"

The precursor firm to Love and Spear, was Love and Manson (steel makers) partnership indenture 1764.

So, there is little or no evidence to support the claimed 1760 date, but it's possible that Love was making steel around then... 1764 at least.. as far as making saws go, I would think within a few years of 1800 plus or minus.

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