W.H. Hoole and Co.

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    Hello all,

    This saw has probably been cut down, and looking at the mark, cut down from both ends. But I bought it for the very striking mark on it, and particularly the V.R. and crown.

    The style of mark is a little too late for W Hoole (1833 to 1841) but it may be Hoole and Brooksbank, or, Hoole Staniforth and Co. which BSSM states used the VR and Crown but never had a Royal Warrant. (1841 to 1889).

    The problem with Hoole, Staniforth and Co. is that this mark is W.H. Hoole and the Hoole in Hoole Staniforth is Henry, so how did he get hold of a mark that looks to sit more naturally with William Hoole?

    It is, of course possible that if it was Henry Hoole, that he was piggybacking onto William Hoole's reputation by making a saw that looks to be made by him, but with the addition of the "H" does not infringe his trademark. We really need a picture of a proper William Hoole mark and which unfortunately BSSM does not have.

    Anyway, it is nice to have a saw that one can have a serious WAG about.

    The blade is currently only about 6 inches long.


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    Hi Fred,
    Sometimes the odd ball saws are the most interesting, I'd venture to suggest that the saw plate is cut from a totally different saw. I can't imagine the application where you would want a 6" saw with 5 or 6 tpi :)

    Strange but interesting.

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    W. Hoole mark

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