Squire dovetail saw

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    Hello Dave,
    My guess is that it would be one of the two 19c makers named Squire listed in BSSM. Charles Squire worked in Birmingham c 1833-35 and George Squire worked there as well c 1835-52. The Cast dash Steel mark would be consistent with the earlier part of those dates, I believe. It's a lovely saw, sadly missing a bottom horn. Still, a wonderful thing to have.
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    I agree with David that the probable maker is Charles Squire. I think that you can get cast (dot)s later than 1835, but whilst the mark style shown in BSSM for George has some similarities to yours in terms of the placing of serifs, I don't think that it is near enough overall to be the same mark, even accounting for the differences in how both are struck.

    There is a much earlier William Squire from London (1754 to 1760 -ish) recorded in BSSM, but the style of the handle must rule this particular maker out. It is definitely a very late 18th century/ 19th century handle.


    I attach below an image of a Harrison handle that is at least 20 years later than the last date for William Squire. and the shape difference is marked

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    Thank you David and Fred for taking the time to reply. This is great. I have saws from London and Sheffield but have havent seen a saw, or tools in general, from Birmingham.

    I can definately see the difference in handles there Fred. All being said and done, I prefer the 'sleek modern look'!

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    Lovely saw Dave, I love the initials engraved on the brass back.