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    I was cleaning the shop my mother has at her house and found this spear and Jackson saw hanging on the wall behind boxes and completely out of view. She said it was her grandfather's, then said I could have it.
    For where it's been the last thirty some odd years it's in decent condition. The handle appears to be hand made and was painted a darker brown color I'm assuming when made. It has 5 teeth per inch and the length is around 28" without the handle.
    It's stamped not etched " Spear & Jackson " then " J*S " in the center and " Sheffield " at bottom with " CAST STEEL " underneath that. There is also a 3 on both sides of the handle stamped, and it also has split brass nuts with a spear and Jackson emblem.
    What I think is the neatest deal is the knob it has at the front of the blade. If anyone can help give a general date and saw type I would be very thankful. My best guess is pre1915.
    IMG_20180413_213238.jpg IMG_20180413_213627.jpg IMG_20180413_213604.jpg IMG_20180413_213715.jpg IMG_20180413_213534.jpg IMG_20180413_213345.jpg
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    Hi Chuck, and welcome to the forum,

    Dating S&J saws is always a bit problematic simply because they were in business for such a long period of time,
    But, with that caveat, the general appearance and style of your saw would suggest a date somewhere around the second half of the 1800's perhaps 1860-1880 or so.

    It looks to be in excellent condition. Nice find!

  3. Chuck McBride

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    Hey thank you for the info! Appreciate it!