Flinn brass back reborn

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    Hi all,
    I bought this Thomas Flinn brass back recently. I then made a new plate, handle, and screws to go with it. The plate is 0.020" spring steel, 12" long, filed 13 ppi crosscut. The handle is American walnut.


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    Flinn Reborn

    Hi Bob,
    very nice job, looks very well proportioned, I do like the style of handle, you have made a very nice job of it, what finish have you used on the handle.
    I have only recently re fitted blades back into folded backs, lots of questions, thats the trouble, the further along the lines of saw manufacture the more questions pop up and the less people around with the correct info to steer you in the right direction, I am sure much of it is going to be trial and error.
    I am not sure of your location, but on the off chance you are in the UK, would you recommend a supplier of saw plate.
    Your screws were these turned by you also, very nice touch.
    I have noticed another saw that you have reproduced, I will now go and have a read of your write up as you have spurred me on with your outstanding finished item.
    Keep up the write ups, I look forward to more.
    I have just seen your location, now if only I had paid attention.
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  3. summerfi

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    Hi Steve,
    Thanks for the compliments. I am fairly new to saw making, but I will try to answer your questions.
    The finish I use on saw handles is about 4 coats of satin wipe on poly followed by light buffing with 0000 steel wool and a coat of paste wax.
    I cut the plate out of 1095 spring steel shim stock which comes in a roll. It is available from several sources in the US, but I'm not sure about the UK.
    Since I do not have a metal lathe, I make the screws out of 1/2" brass rod and 8-32 brass threaded rod. It is a tedious process, all done by hand.
    Good luck on your saw making efforts and if you have any other questions feel free to ask.

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